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ICLR 2023

Generalization Bounds for Federated Learning: Fast Rates, Unparticipating Clients and Unbounded Losses
Xiaolin Hu, Shaojie Li, Yong Liu


  • This paper provides a theoretical analysis of generalization error of federated learning.
  • We assume that the heterogeneous clients are sampled from a meta-distribution. In this framework, we characterize the generalization error for unparticipating clients.
  • We further derive convergence bounds for heavy-tail losses.

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APMC 2020

A Deep Learning Framework for Solving Rectangular Waveguide Problems
Xiaolin Hu, Nicholas E. Buri, APMC 2020 (Oral) |


  • We employ Physics Informed Neural Networks (PINNs) to solve rectangular waveguide problems.
  • We successfully apply PINNs to the task of solving electric and magnetic fields, which can be described by partial differential equations (PDEs).
  • We also show the applicability of the framework for predicting the unknown parameters such as wavenumber.

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